Parks and BBQ Facilites

One of the quintessential Australian activities is the outdoor barbecue. Saltwater Coast BBQ's are available within the pool area of the Lifestyle Center and within many of the parks around the estate.

Rules of use

The barbecues cannot be booked and operate on a first-come basis. Use of the Saltwater Coasts' barbecues is on a mutual responsibility basis - the council and the owners corporation will maintain and keep the barbecues in working order, while users are responsible for cleaning the barbecue hotplates after use, out of respect to the next users.

Please take all left overs and garbage home with you after your BBQ. If you find a Saltwater Coast barbecue out-of-order, please contact the management at the lifestyle centre.


We have many great parks available to us in Saltwater Coast and our pets love the parks as much as we do. Please be considerate of all parks users by following a few simple guidelines:

Please carry a plastic bag with you when walking your pet and clean up any mess your pet might make, take it home and dispose of it there.
Please keep your pet leashed and restrained at all times, while your pet might be friendly other are not. Be considerate of others using the park that may be frightened by your pet approaching them.